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Event Duration: 30 minutes

Event Times: Saturday/Sunday: 4:00 PM (ET), Thursday: 5:00 PM (ET)

What is Bait?

Bait is an event where you fish in spawn to get points, killing other players gives you their points, the players at the end with the most points win prizes.

You cannot leave spawn or teleport during bait otherwise you lose your points.

Event Info

Check when bait is using: /bait

  • Spawn regeneration is disabled during the event.
  • All players in spawn are tagged during the event.
  • The top 5 players on the bait scoreboard glow and can be seen through walls.
  • Suffocation damage is multiplied.

Losing Points

There are several ways you can lose your points.

  • Dying (points go to most recent damager or lost)
  • Leaving the game (points go to most recent damager or lost)
  • Leaving spawn (points lost)
  • Using teleport commands (/warp, /spawn, /tp, points lost)

Disabled Items in Bait

  • Turtle Helm
  • Elytra (10 second cooldown)
  • Riptide Trident (has 15 second cooldown)
  • Totem Of Undying (has 15 second cooldown)

Bait Rewards

  • 1st: 1x Heart of the Ocean, 19x Dragon Eggs, 12x Star Remnants, 3x Evolved Blue Fish
  • 2nd: 15x Dragon Eggs, 10x Star Remnants, 2x Evolved Blue Fish
  • 3rd: 12x Dragon Eggs, 8x Star Remnants, 1x Evolved Blue Fish
  • 4th: 8x Dragon Eggs, 4x Star Remnants
  • 5th-7th: 8x Dragon Eggs, 4x Star Remnants
  • 8th-15th: 1x Dragon Eggs, 2x Star Remnants
  • >15th: 2x Dragon eggs, 1x Star Remnants

Play Styles


  • Looks for fishers to kill and steal points from.
  • Usually has high-level weapons/armor.
  • Rarely fishes.


  • Most common playstyle.
  • Fishes somewhere discreet to avoid detection from hunters.
  • Usually, a newer player with mid-low level gear, cannot compete with PvPer or hunter.


  • Plays bait for fun rather than currency.
  • Fights with other players in spawn.

Fish Bank

  • Holds a lot of fish and only aims to survive until the end of the event.
  • Allies/Clan members will let fish bank intentionally take their points (merging).
  • Usually takes top spots


  • The first bait happened on 2019-09-28.
  • Before bait was made, there was a primitive form of bait that used command blocks and ran intermittently.
  • In summer 2020 a bait occurred in desert spawn, which has no water. No one got any fish.