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Event Duration: 20 minutes

Event Times: Randomly starts

What is Birdwatch?

Birdwatch is an eccentric “capture the flag" type event where the goal is to gain points by holding birds whilst protecting their nests. It is by far the most complex event and needs some playtime to be understood well.

Event Info

When the event starts, 5 differently colored bird nests spawn at random places in spawn. You can type /birdwatch to see where.

If you right-click one of these birds it will perch on your shoulder and you will gain 1 point per second for as long as you are holding it. You also glow whilst holding the bird.

If you are standing inside the highlighted “hot zone” near mid-spawn whilst holding the bird you will gain 2 points per second, you will also get 50 bonus points just for reaching it.

When the bird is initially taken from its nest, an egg with 850 hp will spawn in its place and can be attacked. If the egg is destroyed you will lose the bird and ⅓ of your points. This point penalty can be avoided by intentionally losing the bird before the nest is destroyed.

Losing Points

You can only lose points in birdwatch if your egg is destroyed whilst you hold the bird or you lose the bird within 5 seconds of being attacked by another player.

You can lose the bird by doing the following:

  • Dying.
  • Leaving the game.
  • Leaving spawn.
  • Going AFK.
  • Riding a mob.
  • Using Riptide.
  • Using an elytra.
  • Teleporting using void sabre, ender pearls or chorus fruit.
  • Going into the swimming pose.
  • Using teleport commands (/warp, /spawn, /tp)

Birdwatch Rewards

  • 1st: 3x Scorned Feather, 15x Dragon Eggs, 10x Star Remnants
  • 2nd: 2x Scorned Feather, 12x Dragon Eggs, 8x Star Remnants
  • 3rd: 1x Scorned Feather, 8x Dragon Eggs, 6x Star Remnants
  • 4th: 8x Dragon Eggs, 6x Star Remnants
  • 5th: 3x Dragon Eggs, 2x Star Remnants


  • The first birdwatch happened on 2020-09-11.
  • The hot zone can drift almost anywhere in spawn, but it cannot go into north gate or outside of spawn.
  • There were only 3 types of bird when birdwatch was initially released.