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Event Duration: 30 minutes

Event Times: Wednesday : 3:30 PM – 4:00 PM (ET), Saturday: 2:00 PM – 2:30 PM (ET)

What is Castle?

Castle is an event that allows clans to fight for control of the Newwind Castle. Killing the castle sheep during the event will cause your clan to be holding the castle, for every second you hold you gain points until another clan takes the sheep by killing it.

At the end of the event, the castle has its control split between the clans who took it based on points gained.

Event Info

Travel to the castle with /warp castle

Check when castle is with /castle

  • Anyone can participate in the battle
  • Items/XP kept on death
  • Ender pearls/elytras/riptide tridents are disabled
  • Items take durability damage
  • All teleport commands into the castle are disabled.
  • Only players in Clans can capture sheep.

Castle Potions

Inside the castle, there is a villager that sells a castler's potion for 2 star remnants. When splashed onto the castle sheep during castle it will heal 300 HP.

Only 2 potions can be used per sheep capture and only the current holder of the sheep may heal it.

Disabled Items in Castle

  • Creepy Crawlies (Allows for climbing of walls)
  • Bunny Slippers (Allows for launching into the air)
  • Thanksgiving Boots (Grows flowers on protected blocks)
  • Halloween 2020 boots (Breaks cobwebs)
  • Magma Boots (Turns lava into obsidian)
  • Bysurge (Places water)
  • Descitus (3 second cooldown)
  • Infernos (Creates fire blocks)
  • Santa's Rage (Blows up blocks and does large splash damage)
  • Geyser Gun (Allows for launching into the air)
  • Spitter (Places cobwebs)
  • Carrods (Allows for flight)
  • Winter's Remorse (Fires hundreds of slowing snowballs)
  • Mount Spellbook( Allows players to mount castle sheep)
  • Reach Spellbook (Allows players to place blocks in protected areas)
  • Daphnis' Left Hand (Allows players to place blocks in protected areas)

Castle Outside of Events

Unless a castle event is happening, when you will not be able to enter the castle unless you are in one of the holding clans, it doesn't matter if you only hold a small percentage.

Castle Rewards

Every 24 hours, 100 embers are split between holding clans based on what percentage they control, for example, if a clan held 25% they would get 25 embers per day. 

5% of sharpening stone revenue is distributed between clans as “tax”. For example, if 90 embers are spent on the stone then 5 embers will be split between the clans, due to this, clans with less than 20% holding may not get anything.

Clan owners can claim currency earned through tax and splits using /castle claim.

Castle Banners

The leader of the clan which holds a majority of the castle is also allowed to change the banners around spawn by right-clicking the banner in the castle, this will also change the colors of spawn to the base banner color.


  • The first castle happened on 2019-07-25.
  • Castle was the first event on newwind.
  • The castle sheep is immune to every form of damage except melee, projectile, and void damage.